Mawddach Crescent is a terraced row of eight houses built in 1902 by entrepreneur Solomon Andrews.

Mawddach Crescent

Mawddach Crescent is located near the end of the trail on the banks of the estuary, half a mile or so before Barmouth Bridge.This is a minor detour from the main trail, which should ONLY be taken if you are ON FOOT.

I prefer this route as it bypasses the station and gives you a better view of Barmouth, the estuary and a side view of Barmouth Bridge.

Getting There

Take the right-hand path four-hundred meters after Arthog and follow it through the tall trees and reeds. Turn left after the gate to reach the estuary and your view of Mawddach Crescent (see photo below).

Behind or In Front

Whether the public can use the path in front of the Crescent is currently in the process of a public enquiry. Until a decision is reached, please use the footpath BEHIND THE HOUSES (turn left at the footpath sign, again see photo below).

The First Glimpse of Mawddach Crescent

The First Glimpse of Mawddach Crescent

Once you have left the footpath behind the houses, continue along the grassy path (then the sand and pebbles beside the water) until you reach the start of the bridge. Cross the style over the fence to rejoin the trail and cross the half a mile long Barmouth bridge.